Nestle BEBA AR


Nestle BEBA AR

Art.No.: 130300007
anti-reflux baby milk
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  • infant formulae for babies born at term from the beginning
  • reduces belching and spitting
  • suitable for exclusive feeding of babies with or without risk of allergies
  • very creamy consistency due to included high-quality starch
  • reduces the return of food back up from the stomach (reflux)
  • easy to digest, whey hydrolyzate has been already splitted (PRO HA), stays less time in the stomach
  • suited for infants with increased spitting and belching
  • nutrients per 100ml ready to drink: energy 67kcal (281kJ) // protein: 1,3g // carbohydrates 7,8g (5,1g lactose, 2,7g starch) // fat: 3,4g
scope of delivery: optionally 1 package with 600g powder (2 inside lying bags) or 1 package with 6 x 600g powder

Nestlé Deutschland AG, 60523 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Breastfeeding is the best method of feeding your baby. Talk to your doctor if you would use a babymilk.

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