Nestle BEBA Sensitive


Nestle BEBA Sensitive

Art.No.: 130300005
Hypoallergenic infant formulae
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  • formulae (dietary food) for medical purposes (balanced diet) from birth
  • to treat lactose induced 3-month colic, flatulencies and diarrhoeal diseases
  • to nourish babies with or without risk of allergy
  • easy to digest during diarrhoeal diseases and increasd sensitivity for lactose due to the limited lactose content
  • enriched with high quality hypoallergenic milk protein (PRO HA)
  • prevents hard defecation and flatulencies
  • suited for babies with digestive and nutrition caused problems
  • regulates the weight for babies, toddlers and children with acute diarrhoeal diseases
  • in order of secondary lactose intolerance
  • glutenfree

scope of delivery: optionally 1 package with 600g powder (2 inside lying bags) or 1 package with 6 x 600g powder

Information: Nestle changed the name of Beba Sensitiv to Beba Comfort - the ingredients of the product just changed marginally

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