Nestle BeBa HA PRE


Nestle BeBa HA PRE

Art.No.: 130300124
hypoallergenic baby food
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  • hypoallergenic baby food from the beginning
  • in the scope of allergy prevention
  • modified to resemble breast milk as is currently possible
  • suitable for infants with an increased risk of allergies or an uncertainty history of allergy
  • enriched with probiotic bifidus cultures (Bifidobacterium lactis) to support the natural protection function of the intestinal flora
  • sustains the cerebric development and vision due to polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • high-quality protein hydrolysate (PRO HA), which reduces the risk of dairy intolerance
  • the modification to resemble breast milk ensures adequate growth and limited metabolic load
  • to nourish babies born at term from the beginning until an age of 4 to 6 month
  • is not suited for confirmed dairy intolerance
  • nutrients per 100ml ready to drink: energy: 67kcal (280kJ) // protein: 1,27g // carbohydrates (lactose) 7.8g // fat 3,4g
  • glutenfree
  • standard dissolving per 100ml: 13,1g powder per 90 ml water
scope of delivery: optionally as package with 600g or with 6 x 600g packs

Nestlé Deutschland AG, 60523 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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