Quint® room fragrance 8,5ml


Quint® room fragrance 8,5ml

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aroma therapy, variations of fragrance, all natural plant
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QUINT 8,5 ml Natural Essence

the phenomenon:

Olfactory cells are directly connected with the hypothalamus and the limbic system. There is the center of our emotions, where fragrances initiate a direct effect while trigger associations and memories. Therefore our sensation can be specifically influenced. A well effect can reached with particularly pleasant and soothing fragrances.

When your nose is happy, you are likely happy too.

Easy to use.

The “Quint” consists of a bottle, filled with 100% all natural plant essences and the “Quintstick” is made of an especially german wood.

You can activate the “Quint” before you can say Jack Robinson.

After putting the “Quintstick” in the bottle, the natural diffusion ensures that your environment and small rooms are flavoured with the Quint fragrances.

Once activated, the Quint smells about 2-4 weeks (standard version) and about 6-8weeks (big version).

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