SHS Instant Maltodextrin 19


SHS Instant Maltodextrin 19

Art.No.: 130500041
powder to enrich meals with energy

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  • dilutable powder for energy enrichment applicable to enrich meals with carbohydrates
  • tastes lightly sweet, neutral
  • raw material maize starch
  • low in electrolytes (important in case of renal disease)
  • remains while cooking, easy to digest
  • completely absorbable
  • applicable in the case of underweight due to illness, children and adoescence underweight (limited energy supply cystic fibrosis), malassimilation (maldigestion, malabsorption), intestinal diseases (chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, short bowel syndrom, pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis, chronic renal insufficiency
  • ingredients: maltodextrin (basen on maize starch) DE 18-20
  • application to enrich warm meals: maltodextrin 19 should first stir in cold water until the powder is dissolved, after that step mix well with the ready cooked/prepared meal (soups, vegetables, porridge)
  • can prepared as concentrated solution as a reserve
  • important remarks: not suited for children under 3 years, use under medical supervision, not suited as exclusive diet
  • nutritional value per 100g: energy 384kcal (1632kJ) / 96g carbohydrates (therefor 7,6g sugar) / 0g fat / 0g fibres
  • content of a tin: 750g
scope of delivery: 1 tin Maltodextrin 19

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