Ladybag - Female Urinal


Ladybag - Female Urinal

Art.No.: 905000007
disposable female urinal

Ready for shipping Weight: 0.055 kg
  • disposable female urinal with a capacity of 1000ml
  • package weight: 52g - suited for bags and/or trouser pockets
  • a superabsorber turned liquids into solid gel
  • no skin contact, hygienic, odorless
  • with a big, stable and antomically formed edge with handle
  • safe and comfortable use
  • suited for using while sitting, standing and in the squat
  • closable with a adhesive closure after using, disposable in the normal waste
  • the non-poisonous absorber does not burden the environment
  • suitable for urinary incontinence, increased urination, during traveling or for situations where no toilets are reachable
  • especially suited for wheelchair users, geriatric patients or for example for major events
scope of delivery: 1 disposable female urinal, 1 towelette, 1 disposal bag

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