Wero-Medical infection protection set


Wero-Medical infection protection set

Art.No.: 602000008
infection protection set for respiration

Low stock - order quickly! Weight: 0.08 kg
* set to protect against infections during mouth-to-mouth-resuscitation or during the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)
* to upgrade different first aid sets
* to protect first aider and patient
* packed in a slide mating engagement bag (size: 213x481mm)
* 1 pair of werovinyl-gloves, powdered
* 2 x gauze compresses, sterile, 10x10
* 2 x weroskin cleaning swabs for a smooth cleaning of the wound area
* 1x disposable shavers with short shaft
* 1x scissors with a plastic handle 10cm
* 1x Quick-Aid one way respiratory mask
scope of delivery: 1 Wero infection protection set

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