Leina-Werke first aid travel set


Leina-Werke first aid travel set

Art.No.: 601000007
Leina Werke

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* first aid travel set in a bag with zip (on 3 sides) made of waterrepellent nylon (size 110 x 25 x 150mm)
* 2 velcro belt loops enable to attach the bag at the handlebars, at a belt or for example at a backpack
* 22-part content for primary care in case of accidents or injuries

* 2x wound compresses 10cm x 10cm, sterile
* 1x first aid dressing DIN 13141-M
* 2x fixation bandages DIN 61634 6cm
* 2x wound dressings 10cm x 6cm, separately
* 5x plaster strips 1,9cm x 7,2cm
* 1x role of adhesive plaster 5m x 1,25cm
* 1x pair of vinyl gloves
* 1x siccors 10cm
* 2x safety pins
* 3x alcohol swabs
* 1x first aid instructions
Scope of delivery: 1x first aid travel set

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