Frequently Asked Questions and Notes

Frequently asked questions:

How does the shopping cart system work?
Products can be marked without obligation by clicking the button [add to cart]. By clicking on the [Shopping Cart] button, you can view your shopping cart at any time and remove products from the shopping cart by clicking the button [Delete]. If you want to buy the products in the shopping cart, click the button [checkout].
How can I redeem my voucher?
Please enter the coupon code in the shopping cart (overview) in the field "Enter coupon code:" and then press the button "Redeem coupon". Thereafter, the corresponding value is deducted directly from your order.
Do I have to register?
After selecting the products, you will be asked to enter your details. The mandatory information is marked with a *. You can optionally open a customer account and order in future orders after entering username and password, without having to enter your address data again.
When will my order be binding?
On the order page you can check your entries again. By clicking the button [Buy now] you complete the order process. The process can be canceled at any time by closing the browser window. On each page you will find more information, e.g. to correction options.
Is the contract text saved?
We save the contract text. The order data and the terms and conditions will be sent to you by e-mail. Your past orders can be viewed on activation, also in our customer login area.
Why do I have to pay a fee for some payment methods?
We as a company have decided to charge for all sorts of payment methods, not just on the watering can principle on all prices. We think it's fair to offer our low prices stable for everyone and to transparently pass on the additional costs according to their origin.
For cash on delivery a cash on delivery fee of 5.00 € is payable. We have to pay this fee directly to DHL.
We process the purchase on account via PayPal, the resulting costs per invoice, which include, among other things, costs, e.g. For examination, administration and miscellaneous, we only give a pro rata share of 3% of the invoice amount to you.
What advantages do I have by purchasing the invoice?
The security of the bill purchase lies in the fact that they pay only after receipt of the commodity. They are thus protected against bad or not delivered goods. At the same time, they are protected against misuse of account and credit card information. Since there are no transaction-related waiting periods when purchasing an invoice, they receive their goods much faster than, for example, when paying in advance.
➔ First goods - then money
➔ Privacy
➔ Faster delivery
What requirements must be met for the purchase of the invoice?
The billing address must be in Germany or Austria. Billing address and delivery address must match. The purchase value including delivery costs may not exceed EUR 1,000 (credit rating provided).
The purchase on account is possible in Germany for individuals and business people, in Austria currently only for private individuals.
What do I have to consider when buying with a credit card, what has changed?
In the past, we have only approved credit card purchases for credit cards, from which the buyer came and delivery should be. We have done this for the sake of fairness for our honest buyers to complicate possible frauds. Meanwhile, these precautions have been bypassed several times. Thus, we have decided to handle credit card payments through Paypal. You do not need a PayPal account for this. For a transaction without registration, select the option "Payments without PayPal account".
If you have any further questions regarding settlement, please contact Paypal directly at 0800/72 34 500.
Refunds can only be made by the way you have paid.
The purchase price refund, according to the law, has to be made by the seller immediately, at the latest within 14 days. We endeavor to process the repayment promptly from our side, i. within 2-3 working days after receipt of your shipment, with us.
For further questions please contact stating your order number.
Refunds via Paypal
Depending on whether you have paid via debit or credit card at Paypal, the credit in the case of direct debit procedure takes 6-7 working days for credit card payments usually immediately. If you have further questions regarding payment via Paypal, please contact Paypal directly on 0800/72 34 500, please have the transaction code ready. You can find this in the mail of Paypal.
Note to § 12 Battery Act (BattG):
In connection with the distribution of devices containing batteries and / or rechargeable batteries, we are obliged under the Battery Ordinance to inform you as a consumer of the following:
Batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. You are legally obliged to return used batteries as end users. You can return them after use to us, in a municipal collection point or in the local trade.
Batteries that contain harmful substances are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out wheelie bin and the suffix Cd, Pb or Hg. The chemical name Cd stands for cadmium, Pb for lead and Hg for mercury.
Stand 18-02-08

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