Nutricia Souvenaid 6x4x125ml


Nutricia Souvenaid 6x4x125ml

Art.No.: 130500019
nutritional therapy in case of alzheimer`s disease
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  • new therapy concept in case of alzheimer´s disease suited at an early stage
  • for supplementary, dietetically therapy of persons with nutrients demand due to medical reasons
  • supports the memory at an early stage of alzheimer´s disease (proven and confirmed by clinical studies)
  • contains patented combination of nutrients which are able to support the synapse formation (long-chained Omega-3-fatty acids DHA and EPA, B-vitamins and other co-elements, UMP, choline und phospholipids), stimulates the forming of phosphatidyl choline which is integrated in neuronal membrane
  • reduces loss of synapses and a limited memory
  • suitable as solid therapy or in combination with the normal alzheimer´s disease medication
  • daily demand: 125ml (=1 bottle), should use as food supplement under medical supervision
  • gluten free and very low in lactose, isocaloric (1kcal/1ml)
  • nutritional value per 100ml: physical calorific value100kcal (420kJ) / protein 3g / carbohydrates 13,2g / fat 3,9g (Omega-3-fatty acid 1,3g) / fibres 0g
  • available in two different flavours: strawberry or vanilla

scope of delivery: optionally as 6x4x125ml strawberry or vanilla flavour

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