Elemental 028 18x250ml


Elemental 028 18x250ml

Art.No.: 130100044
balanced sip feed
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  • food for special medical purposes (balanced diet)
  • Balanced, low calorie drinking food for exclusive and complementary nutrition
  • for the dietary treatment of persons with impaired nutrient utilization
  • suitable for patients with malasimilation syndrome (chronic, inflammatory bowel disease, food allergies, milk protein intolerance, radiation enteritis)
  • with MCT fat (35% of fat)
  • milk protein
  • Important Notes: Elemental 028 is inappropriate for patients with galactosemia / not suitable for children under 3 years; in children from 3 to 5 years only for supplementary and in children from 5 years for exclusive nutrition
  • Note: Use only under medical supervision!
  • available in 3 flavors (see variants)
scope of delivery: 18x250ml Elemental 028

Manufacturer: Nutricia GmbH | Allee am Röthelheimpark 11 | 91052 Erlangen

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