Nestlé Resource 2.0 +fibre


Nestlé Resource 2.0 +fibre

Art.No.: 130100036
high energy sip feed
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Ready for shipping Weight: 6 kg
  • balanced, high energy (2kcal/ml), proteinrich (18 g/200 ml) sip feed
  • during increased energy and protein demand
  • ready to drink
  • glutenfree, purine-free and cholesterol-free
  • low in lactose and sodium
  • nutritional value per 100ml: protein 9g, fat 8,7g, carbohydrates 21,4g, energy 200kcal, food fibres 2,5g, sodium 100mg, potassium 210mg, phosphorous 120mg
  • suitable for protein deficiency, loss of appetite, malnutrition, cystic fibrosis, wasting diseases, COPD, fluid restrictions, dialysis
  • available in four flavours or in a mixed package

scope of delivery: 24x200ml Nestlé Resource 2.0 +fibre (flavours please see variants)

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