Nutricia Fortimel Compact 8x4x125ml


Nutricia Fortimel Compact 8x4x125ml

Art.No.: 130100016
high energy sip feed
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Ready for shipping Weight: 5.5 kg
  • high energy sip feed (2,4kcal per ml)
  • nutritionally complete, ready to drink
  • suitable for persons suffering from malnutrition, for persons being unable to meet their nutritional requirements from other foods
  • presented in a 125ml bottle with with a flexible straw attached
  • to manage an increased need of energy
  • content per 100ml : energy 240kcal (1010kJ) / protein 9.6g / carbohydrates 29.7g / fat 9.3g / fibre - / water 64g
  • tastes: apricot, chocolate, banana, cappucino, strawberry, forest fruit, vanilla, neutral or in a mixed unit
  • the mixed unit contains the tastes apricot, banana, cappucino, strawberry, forest fruit and vanilla
scope of delivery: 1 unit containing 8x4x125ml

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