Nestlé Thicken Up


Nestlé Thicken Up

Art.No.: 130200011
Thickener for dysphagia patients
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  • tasteless thickener for persons with problems with swallowing, dysphagia
  • to thicken drinks, soups, sauces and pureed meals
  • gluten- and purine-free, cholesterol free
  • for use with cold and warm meals
  • non-clotting, does not thicken after preparation
  • the desired consistency is variable
  • the bound liquid is released in the intestine
  • nutritional value per 100g: energy 368kcal / 7,5BE / <0,5g protein / <0,15g fat / 90g carbohydrates / 200mg sodium / <1mg potassium / 5mg calcium / 2mg magnesium

Scope of delivery: optionally 1 tin or 6 tins à 227g

Nestlé HealthCare DE | Nutrition GmbH | D-60523 Frankfurt

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