Nutilis Powder


Nutilis Powder

Art.No.: 130200008
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  • instant food-thickener
  • amylase resistant, the desired consistency remains preserved while contact with saliva
  • easy to prepare
  • thickened fluids can be well absorbed
  • can prepared with cold or warm drinks, with pureed meals or with sip feed
  • lactose- and glutenfree
  • particularly suited for persons with different difficulties in swallowing
  • suitable for children from 3 years of age
  • dosing information: enables to prepare different consistencies: syrup-like, honey-like, or pudding-like; the required amount of powder is applied to the fluid ( tea, juice, sip feed or pureed food)

CHANGE OF NAME: the product quick&thick has changed to nutilis and is now called nutilis powder the information about the product is valid for nutilis powder, nutilis and for quick&thick.

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