Nestlč is a food and beverage group headquartered in Switzerland with worldwide locations. Nestle owns more than 2,000 brands including BEBA baby and infant nutrition products and other foods for special medical purposes such as ORAL Impact, IBD, PEPTAMEN or RESOURCE modules.

BEBA from Nestlč - baby and infant formula from Nestlč

BEBA from Nestlé, with its baby formula, supports the development of your baby right from the start. Since the invention of baby food 150 years ago by Heinrich Nestlé, the special nutritional needs of babies and toddlers have been the focus of attention. BEBA from Nestlé includes milk powder for infants and children for mixing milk, as well as ready-to-drink products and special foods.

Nestle BEBA OPTIPRO and PRO HA are designed to meet specific nutritional needs from the beginning to the end of the bottle age. Nestlé BEBA PRO HA reduces the risk of allergy to milk protein. In the case of BEBA Optipro and BEBA PRO HA, the product range includes milk powder for pre-milk food as well as for follow-on milk 1, 2 and 3.

Nestlé BEBA COMFORT special food can help in the case of 3-month colic, diarrhea and bloating in babies, Nestle BEBA Anti-Reflux special food with increased burping and spitting.

With Nestlé BEBA SUPREME premium food, the knowledge of unique building blocks, which in this form only occur in breast milk, flows into the products. In addition to pre-nutrition, the Supreme product line also includes follow-on milk products, so that your baby is supplied as needed from the beginning until the end of the bottle age.

Nestlé BEBA SINLAC is a gluten-free rice porridge ideal for a dairy, soya and gluten-free diet. With its high-quality protein source, this rice porridge can ensure the supply of protein even without cow's milk, soy or gluten. Nestlé BEBA SINLAC Special Mash can be given as a baby food for the 4th month or as a stand-alone meal in children and adults.

Nestlé BEBA FM 85 can be used to fortify breast milk with energy, partially hydrolyzed protein, carbohydrates, minerals, trace elements and vitamins when feeding preterm infants fed with breast milk.

Nestlé infant and infant nutrition meets the latest scientific findings and recommendations from nutrition experts.

Note: The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends breast-feeding exclusively for the first six months. Even after the sixth month of life should be continued to accompany the introduction of complementary food. Please consult your pediatrician or qualified specialist for this.

Food for special medical purposes by Nestle

The products of the ORAL IMPACT® series are foods for special medical purposes (balanced diet). They are used for diet management before major surgery and / or existing or imminent malnutrition and wound healing disorders. ORAL IMPACT® is offered as a powder for the preparation of a drink and as a drink.

PEPTAMEN® is a food for special medical purposes (balanced diet). The product will be used as supplemental or exclusive food with limited digestive and absorption performance.

MODULES IBD® (food for special medical purposes / balanced diet) is indicated for Chron's disease. MODULES IBD® can be used as a hydration and tube feed in children over the age of 5 and in adults for both exclusive and supplemental nutrition.

The extensive RESOURCE® product range is tailored to different nutritional needs to meet the diverse needs of patients.

Note: Balanced diets are foods for special medical purposes. Products may only be taken under medical supervision. Indications and contraindications are always to be considered!


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